Building Energy Displays

F&S keeps and maintains real-time electricity consumption data for most Urbana campus buildings. A web page dashboard enables users in these selected buildings to view and track their electricity on a real-time basis. The dashboard is written in web browser-agnostic code (html5) so that it can be viewed on most web browsers and/or embedded or included on the buildings digital signage. Below is a sample of the dashboard that is currently in use at the Physical Plant Service Building:


In addition to the data displayed in graphic form, calculated factoids are supplied on the dashboard to compare the previous 24 hour consumption to the prior day, the equivalent usage of households, refrigerators, CFL Lightbulbs, and 22” LED televisions. There is a specific page for one 24-hour period, and one for a week.

For more information on how to obtain the code for the building dashboard, please contact the Utilities & Energy Services Business Operations.