Engineering Design

Welcome to Engineering Design.  Our team seeks to collaborate with campus to ensure good stewardship of campus buildings. When a proposed project alters or connects to building systems or architecture, Engineering Design can help procure the right project path, avoid unexpected problems, reduce delays, and provide the highest levels of quality.

Consult with Engineering Design for help when:

The project involves changes to the following...

  • Structure
  • Electrical service
  • Heating (steam, condensate, heating water)
  • Air conditioning (chilled water, refrigeration, ventilation, exhaust)
  • Plumbing (storm, sanitary, domestic)
  • Utility connections
  • High voltage electricity
  • System controls and monitoring
  • Fire protection alarm

Transforming one type of space into another...

  • Office to conference room
  • Classroom to laboratory
  • Combining two spaces into one
  • Dividing large spaces into smaller spaces

We're here to help! Contact Engineering Design to ensure successful completion of your project.