Rental Policies

University Vehicle Policies and Procedures

Please review the following university policies prior to renting or operating a vehicle from the Car Pool. These policies are intended to protect the safety of university faculty, staff, and students, and ensure compliance with any and all State of Illinois laws and regulations.

University Vehicle Policies and Procedures

Campus Administrative Manual

    Cell Phone Usage
  • The use of mobile electronic devices, including hands-free, while driving is prohited.

Business and Financial Policies and Procedures

    Vehicle Rental
  • Carpool reservations can be made at my.FS.Portal.
    Driver Eligibility
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and sign all applicable forms.
    Approved Usage
  • For official university use only. Personal use is prohibited.
    Commercial Insurance
  • The university requires the use of commercially insured vehicles primarily for use when non-university individuals are being transported.
    Accident Reporting
  • Report all accidents resulting in vehicle damage within 24 hours.

Alternative Vehicles

TAS is committed to providing green options and fuel efficient technologies. Sustainable driving choices include:
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid - Compact Car Image
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid
  • Ford C-Max
  • Chevrolet Volt 

 Ask for detailChevy Volt Image s when making a reservation.