Requesting A Service

Whether through my.FS.Portal, in person, by phone 333-0340, or by email, the Service Office is the first step in requesting construction, maintenance, or repair work on campus.

The Service Office processes more than 40,000 work requests annually and averages seven outage requests and 10 utilities locates per day. Our experienced customer service team determines the funding source for the request, routes to the appropriate area, and then provides status updates on the request.

Making a Work Request

Be prepared to provide the following:

  • Affected building name or location number
  • Specific room/hallway/area in building
  • NetID, name and phone number
  • Detailed description of the needed work
  • Department charge number (if work is determined to be a departmental responsibility)
  • If using the Portal, please do not copy and paste emails for descriptions of work
  • Specific contact for the work