The following documents provide information on the university’s programs to protect staff, faculty, students, and visitors from lead exposure.

Commencement Lead Abatement/Mitigation Project Form
Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards
USEPA Renovate Right Brochure
Landlord Guide
Lead Fact Sheet

Lead Manual

Lead Awareness Training

This class discusses the use of lead compounds in university campus buildings. Topics include the health effects associated with lead exposure, sources and uses of lead materials, types of materials present on the university campus, regulations in effect for lead workplace exposure, and controls in place for the prevention of lead exposure in the work place.

Respirator Training and Fit Testing

Employees must wear respirators to protect themselves from hazardous chemicals and dusts in the air when doing certain tasks. This one hour training program discusses why respirators must be worn, the correct way to wear a respirator, medical requirements and how to properly clean, care for and maintain a respirator. Fit testing involves the respirators available through Central Stores.

For Lead Awareness Training and Respirator Training and Fit Testing, please call 217-265-9828. Information on worker training in lead is available through Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) approved trainers.

More information is available at the IDPH website under the topic of lead.