Lease Space Management

The University of Illinois is committed to maximizing utilization and limiting the growth of space. However, various campus units require leased space for a variety of functions, including classrooms, laboratories, offices, and storage.

Lease space may be an option for the following unit needs:
  • Immediate faculty retention or acquisition
  • Transitional Space for unit functions during building renovation projects
  • Temporary space for campus unit expansion needs
  • Space for grant and research commissioned activities that have limited durations

There is a variety of existing and proposed future lease spaces and buildings which are owned by private developers in appropriate areas on and around the university campus which may be considered for campus unit space needs. All lease requests for the Urbana campus are reviewed and approved by the Office of the Provost. Only the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois has the authority to sign a lease on behalf of the University of Illinois and the University Office for Capital Programs and Real Estate Services (UOCPRES) is the designee of the BOT for negotiating leases.

The following is the process that must be utilized for requesting lease space for all lease acquisitions:
  • Contact F&S Capital Project Planning Department for assessment of your space needs
  • If university-owned facilities are not available to address the established need, request will be reviewed by the Office of the Provost for approval prior to beginning a search for leasing options
  • Lease Space Management Planner will meet with the campus unit and assist with the programming of the space
  • Lease Space Management Planner will coordinate lease needs with UOCPRES
  • UOCPRES will provide possible lease property options
  • UOCPRES will prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the space if necessary due to procurement requirements (any combination of annual lease rent amounts and improvements which will exceed $ 100,000 requires an RFP).
  • Space leases based on rent amount, improvement costs, maintenance, lease term, and extension options are agreed to and are executed by campus or directly by the campus unit.
  • Campus creates Memorandums of Agreement with the Campus Units that do not execute leases directly, codifying their commitments for occupancy durations in the spaces and their payments to the University.

The Capital Project Planning Department will assist campus units with the coordination of space planning, furniture procurement, keying, technology requirements, and audio-visual needs.

Timing for acquiring and developing leased space varies. Spaces which require minimal improvements and do not require an RFP can be completed in approximately 3-4 months. Spaces that have extensive improvements and require an RFP can take a year or even two years to complete. Campus units considering leasing space are encouraged to submit requests as soon as they feel there will be a need.