Utility Rates

Annual utility rates for the following utilities: steam, electric, chilled water, water, and sanitary are approved by the Office of the Provost annually. Every two years, the Office of Government Costing and F&S reconcile the actual utility costs in preparation of the F&A Cost Proposal submitted by campus.  The budgeted utility rates are composed of the following cost elements for Utilities Production and Distribution:

  • Fuel Costs (natural gas, electricity)
  • Purchased Utility Costs (water, sanitary)
  • Personnel Costs
  • Operations and Maintenance Costs
  • Repair and Replacement Costs
  • Debt service Normalized over time
  • Over/Under recovery of prior year operating deficits

The utility base budget of the university includes the utility costs for all state-supported buildings, billed on a per unit consumed basis. Auxiliary and commercial customers are billed directly on a per unit consumed basis for their portion of the annual costs. Each year, the projected energy and water consumption for the university is estimated, along with known expenses. The projected costs and projected consumption are combined into utility rates for each primary commodity. Once the rates are approved, the state, auxiliary, and commercial customers are billed monthly and tracked through the Energy Billing System (EBS). 

Current Utility Rates

 Commodity   FY 2022 Rates     FY 2023 Rates     % Change
 Steam (per Klb) $18.41 $22.70 23%
 Electric (per kWh)  $0.0882 $0.1011 15%
 Chilled Water (per MMBtu)  $14.16 $16.04 13%
 Water (per kGal) $4.66 $4.87 4%
 Sanitary (per kGal) $4.49 $4.59 2%

FY23 Utility Rates

Archived Utility Rates

FY22 Utility Rates
FY21 Utility Rates
FY19 Utility Rates
FY18 Utility Rates