Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI)

Research Toolkit and Outreach throughout the State of Illinois

Facilities & Services (F&S) is proud to support PI Eliana Brown and the research on the first-ever comprehensive design, modeling, implementation, and maintenance toolkit in Illinois for urban and rural communities to implement systemic green stormwater infrastructure (GSI).  F&S is responsible for the campus landscapes, from design to installation to maintenance, as well as rainwater management for the campus. The F&S team, led by Dr. Mohamed Attalla, will be key collaborators in this project, including departmental representatives from the Grounds Department, the Campus Landscapes Department, F&S Sustainability, Utilities and Energy Services, Construction Services, and Environmental Compliance.
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Flooding leaves people feeling vulnerable as they assess stormwater inundation in their basements, streets, and neighborhoods and the associated risks of structural damage, mold, and mosquitoes. Such storms are getting worse. In recent decades, large rain events are more frequent, creating even more flooding across Illinois. Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) is an elegant solution to the flooding problem. It augments traditional gray infrastructure systems by capturing and infiltrating stormwater onsite, thereby alleviating flooding and improving water quality, while also providing multiple benefits to communities.

The toolkit will be online; website development is already funded elsewhere. The target audience includes a full range of interdisciplinary stormwater professionals and decision makers, including government officials, planners, engineers, managers; modelers, designers, landscape architects, watershed groups; and research teams involved in GSI studies and investment.