Card Access

Access control is a mechanism for restricting entrance to a building or room to authorized people. Lock and keys provide physical access, but there is no restriction of the key holder to specific times or dates nor do they provide records of the key used on any specific door. An electronic access control system determines who and when authorized people are allowed to enter or exit an area.

Getting started with eLock Access Control

F&S Card Access manages a campus access control system that supports eLock access to more than 1,700 doors. Different installation options (alarms, horn, push button, etc.) are available depending on the installation requirements needed.

  For more information regarding electronic access control to doors in your area:

  • For ongoing programming needs or to arrange a site survey for an installation quote, contact Card Access Help, 217-300-5432.

Students or staff experiencing issues with card access for campus locations should first check with a departmental facility manager or supervisor to help expedite the request and address unit authorization requirements.