Used Oil Management

Used Oil Management ImageDon't pour that used oil down the drain! Used oil is not a hazardous waste, but is a general environmental hazard, and an unauthorized release to surface water can be subject to heavy penalties. For advice on oil spill prevention, contact Environmental Compliance within the Division of Safety and Compliance at 217-265-9828.

Storage of Used Oil

  • Do not store near drains or waterway.
  • Use spill containment (spill pallets) where possible.
  • Containers must be compatible with type of oil stored, temperature and pressure.
  • Containers must not leak or have severe rusting, structural defects, or signs of deterioration.
  • Clearly mark the words "USED OIL" on containers.
  • Do not store more than one 55-gallon container at a site at any time.
  • Use lighting and locked compounds if storage area is near water or drain.
  • If storage area is provided with a means to collect spilled product (i.e., containment pallet), the containment structure should be examined for oil prior to emptying. If sorbent material is used to collect spilled oil, it should be disposed of correctly.
  • Conduct inspections of oil storage areas at least monthly.
  • Document inspections and keep with the Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) at your unit for 3 years.

Use of Used Oil

  • Used oil may be re-used on-site (i.e., as a lubricant) if the oil is not contaminated with hazardous material. The above-listed storage requirements also apply.
  • Do not use as a dust suppressant.
  • Do not store used oil in waste piles.
  • Use funnels – minimize decanting used oil into and from containers.
  • Do not mix used oil with other types of oil, unless prior approval has been received from the Division of Research Safety (DRS) at 217-333-2755.

Disposal of Used Oil

used oil imageUsed oil may be collected at its point of generation by DRS. For more information about disposal, call DRS at 217-333-2755 to begin the process. DRS reserves the right to refuse to transport any used oil until such conditions as required by DRS are met.

  • Do not burn used oil as a method of disposal without prior notification to DRS and the owner of the combustion unit.
  • Do not leave oil-filled containers outside the locked storage compound at the Physical Plant Services Building. Only authorized Facilities & Services personnel are permitted to decant used oil into drums in this compound. Storage restrictions listed above also apply.