Heating / Cooling

For hot, cold, and humidity calls, please call the Service Office at 217-333-0340.

Transitioning to Air Conditioning and Heat

Turning on the air conditioning and heat at the University of Illinois is not as simple as flipping a switch. F&S employees work diligently to get the systems running. Cool air circulation, steam, and hot water systems, especially in our older facilities, must be brought up slowly, and once running, kept constant – cooling down and heating up numerous times can cause system failures. This transition can take up to several weeks to ensure all buildings are properly converted and regulated. 

  • If you must open windows in a room to regulate temperature, please remember to close them when you leave the area.
  • If you rely on a window air conditioning unit for cooling, consider having it serviced in the beginning of the year.  Early service calls offer the added value of quicker response and problems usually resolved prior to warm weather.
  • During the transition to heat, dress in layers to help regulate your level of comfort.

If you have questions, please contact the Service Office at 217-333-0340.