Bicycling is a proven sustainable form of transportation, and we, at the University of Illinois bfu_Silver_2019Urbana-Champaign, strongly encourage our students, faculty, staff, and visitors to utilize the bicycle infrastructure available on campus. As of October 2019, the campus can accommodate up to 11,635 bicycles, and nearly all campus buildings have a bike rack within 150 feet. Read more about our achievement in the F&S news announcement: Illinois Promoted to a Silver Bicycle Friendly University.

Bike at Illinois
( is the campus community’s comprehensive bicycling resource, helping everyone have a safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable biking experience on campus and connected to the surrounding communities. Bike_final_logos_CMYK__orange

Visit the website for information on where to get a new or old bicycle, bike registration, bicycle-related events happening in the community, how to ride your bicycle safely, rules of the road for bicyclists, campus and community bicycle maps, among of other helpful resources.
Campus Bike Center (CBC) is located at 51 E. Gregory Dr., Champaign. You can buy a refurbished bicycle, build your bicycle, register your bicycle, repair or learn to maintain your bike, and meet other bicycle riders and enthusiasts there.

You can contact us at You can also send us your feedback or suggestion using this form: Campus Bicycle Feedback Form. F&S appreciates the input from our students, faculty, staff, community members, and visitors. Help us make our campus bicycle infrastructure and experience even better.

Bicycle Initiatives

The university is always looking to improve the bicycling experience of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Below is information on key initiatives that are enhancing the bike experience on campus.

Most recent bicycle-related project updates from the iCAP Portal

2014 Campus Bicycle Plan cover

Eco-Counter - Bicycle and Pedestrian Counters

As mentioned on the Walking page of the TDM website, Eco-Counter is an equipment that counts bicyclists and pedestrians using a a sensor. Read more about these counters on the Walking page.

Following are the most recent three month pedestrian data collected by Eco-Counters: