Grounds & Landscape

The Grounds department is responsible for maintaining all 962 acres of the campus's landscape throughout the year. The department currently has 44 employees which include a superintendent, a foreman, four sub-foremen, two tree surgeons, a grounds equipment mechanic and 35 grounds workers. The campus is divided into four ground maintenance zones, with one sub-foreman in each zone. The Grounds department works closely with the University Landscape Architect to create spaces that are inviting, sustainable, and maintainable, while being good stewards of the available resources.


+ Lawn maintenance; mowing, aerating, and seeding
+ Maintaining sidewalks
+ String trimming, selective weed control application and hand weeding
+ Tree care; assessing safety, pruning, removing, and chipping trees
+ Pruning and rejuvenating shrubs
Removing leaves
+ Shearing 10 miles of hedges
+ Operating lawn irrigation systems
+ Maintaining 57,000 square feet of flower beds, containers and urns
+ Mulching plant beds and selective trees
+ Managing 82 acres of low mow zones
+ Replacing trees and shrubs
+ Removing litter
+ Maintain ~90 miles of sidewalks
Removing snow and ice from sidewalks
+ Filling potholes
+ Removing deceased animals
+ Emptying ~580 exterior garbage receptacles

Click here to access the Grounds & Landscape service schedule.