Compliance Auditing

Compliance audits improve campus environmental stewardship by identifying program deficiencies and reducing non-compliance liabilities. Environmental audits consist of records review and facility site visits. Audit checklists are used to identify potential violations and to generate corrective action measures.

Internal and external audits are available. Internal audits consist of Self Audit Checklists and/or review by a university audit team. External audits are performed by a qualified environmental consulting firm. Please refer to the Self Audit and Field Inspection links for additional information and contact the Division of Safety and Compliance regarding interest in an external audit.

Self Audit Checklists

You can perform an internal Self Audit of your own facility. To conduct a Self Audit, complete a facility site walkthrough and use the relevant Self Audit Checklists as guidance tools. If you forward the completed checklists to us, Environmental Compliance will recommend appropriate corrective action measures and whether to seek benefits under the USEPA Audit Policy.

Please contact the Division of Safety and Compliance for additional information.

USEPA Audit Policy Program Statement

Checklists (PDFs)
Air Self Audit
Conservation Self Audit
Lead Paint-PCB-Asbestos
Oil Spill Prevention
Stormwater Self Audit
Used Oil Self Audit
Wastewater Self Audit