Confined Space Entry

Review the Confined Space Entry Program for full program details.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, through the division of Safety and Compliance, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) department, has established this Confined Space Entry Program to protect the health of university students, faculty and staff and to assure compliance with state and federal occupational safety and health standards.

This program provides the minimum requirements for unit-specific confined space entry programs. It is expected that campus units will utilize this Confined Space Entry Program to develop unit-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs), including completion of Appendix A and providing the first page to OSH.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
OSH is responsible for the administration of this program. OSH maintains copies of all records for services provided by OSH pertaining to this program. An OSH program coordinator is designated to provide guidance, regulatory interpretation, and oversight for this program and to review this program annually. 

Deans, Department Heads, and Directors (Campus Units)
Campus units shall provide the resources necessary to properly implement this program and unit-specific SOPS (Appendix A) and designate a responsible person that will be charged with implementing this program and unit-specific SOPs.

Campus Unit Responsible Person
The responsible person shall work with campus unit supervisors to identify personnel that may be required to participate in confined space entry operations, ensure that personnel attend appropriate training before entering a confined space, and ensure that unit-specific SOPs (Appendix A) are reviewed annually.

Supervisors of Confined Space Entry Operations Personnel (Supervisors)
Supervisors and Principle Investigators (PIs) are responsible for enforcement of this program and unit-specific SOPs (Appendix A). They shall assist in the development and annual review of unit-specific SOPs, and ensure that their employees affected by confined space receive appropriate training.

Confined Space Entry Operations Personnel
Affected faculty, staff, and students, herein called confined space entry operations personnel, are responsible for adhering to the provisions of this program, unit-specific SOPs (Appendix A), and manufacturer instructions.

Entry Permit System
Before entry is allowed into a permit-required confined space, the entry supervisor shall obtain and complete Appendix D - Confined Space Entry Permit. Upon completion of this permit, the entry supervisor shall sign it to allow entry. The completed permit shall be made available to all authorized entrants or their representative by posting it at the entrance of the confined space or via some other effective means.

Entry Procedures
Each campus unit shall develop procedures for entry into their permit-required confined spaces. 

Entry Equipment
Campus units must provide the equipment necessary to safely enter a permit space as well as training necessary to ensure the equipment is used properly at no cost to affected employees. Campus units are also responsible for ensuring proper maintenance of the equipment. 

Communication and Coordination
Whenever entry into a permit space is performed on campus by contractor personnel a pre-entry meeting must occur between a representative of the campus unit that controls the space and the controlling contractor. Information on permit space locations, known and potential hazards, and means of eliminating or controlling hazards shall be discussed.

A post-entry debrief must also occur whereby the controlling contractor communicates to the campus unit representative on the permit spaces entered, the program followed, and hazards confronted and created during entry operations. 

Campus unit personnel who perform entry operations into spaces owned by others would be considered a controlling contractor during entry operations. The unit confined space entry supervisor must participate in pre- and post-entry meetings with a representative of the host employer and cover topics discussed immediately above.

Non-Entry Rescue
Non-entry rescue is required unless the retrieval equipment would increase the overall risk of entry or would not contribute to the rescue of the entrant.

Rescue and Emergency Services
Rescue services must be provided and they must be able to respond to an incident on any shift within four minutes.  The rescue services for the Urbana campus locations are the Champaign Fire Department and Urbana Fire Department depending upon your location on campus.  The appropriate fire department should be contacted prior to entry into a permit space.

Appendix A - Unit-Specific Standard Operating Procedures
Appendix B - Confined Space Evaluation Form
Appendix C - Non-Permit Entry Reclassification Form
Appendix D - Entry Permit
Appendix E - Alternate Entry Procedures Form
Appendix F - Procedures for Atmospheric Testing
Appendix G - Considerations for Sewer Entry
Appendix H - Definitions
Appendix I - Program Audit Checklist

Useful Resources:

OSHA 1926 Subpart AA Confined Spaces in Construction Standard