Whether it is within buildings or throughout the entire community, most of us are pedestrians at some point every day. You can enjoy this healthy and fun mode of travel alone or with friends and colleagues.

  • Take your safety into your own hands.
  • Even if you legally have the Right of Way when encountering vehicular traffic (including bicycles), be observant of your surroundings.
  • Look both ways before crossing any street.

Remember that the pedestrian always loses when it comes to pedestrian vs. car/bus/truck/bike. So be a safe and responsible pedestrian.

Pedestrian Rules of the Road


Eco-Counter - Bicycle and Pedestrian counter

The Multimodal Corridor Enhancement (MCORE) Project requires the Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study (CUUATS) partners to monitor the pedestrian and bicycle counts following the completion of the project. This requirement is to understand the increased walking and bicycling activities at the twelve pre-determined corridors. Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) collected pedestrian and cycling counts at these locations before and after the MCORE project.

The Eco-Counters will give us access to 15-minute data transmission for each location for bicyclists as well as pedestrians, including which direction they are moving. Any student, faculty, or staff can use this data for research purposes. If you would like to access the 15-minute/hourly/daily/weekly/monthly data, please reach out to Sarthak Prasad or Stacey DeLorenzo.

The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) has supported F&S in purchasing and installing Eco-Counters to monitor pedestrian and bicycle traffic at the 12 pre-determined MCORE corridors. Currently, we have installed Eco-Counters at

  • Green Street at Illini Union
  • Intersection of Wright Street and Healey Street - West of Campus Instructional Facility (CIF)

Following are the most recent three-month pedestrian data collected by Eco-Counters: