Energy Conservation

Utility & Energy Services’ sustainability initiatives have helped campus meet the goals outlined in the Illinois Climate Action Plan, the University of Illinois’ plan for reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. Thanks to these initiatives the university has exceeded its 2020 iCAP goal of reducing energy use by 30% from 2008, having achieved a reduction of 42% as of FY20.

FY20 Energy Usage Trend Chart

These initiatives include:

  • Retrocommissioning optimizes building heating, ventilation, and cooling systems and controls to maximize energy savings while maintaining comfort. This program was recognized by the Illinois governor’s office for its part in campus’ energy conservation success. (details)
  • Recommissioning maintains and frequently increases the conservation gains from Retrocommissioning (details)
  • Energy Performance Contracting funds current building energy conservation projects by leveraging future energy cost savings. (details)
  • Energy Conservation Incentive Program awards facility improvement funds to buildings with the largest energy reductions over the previous year. (details)
  • Energy Conservation Technologies such as high-efficiency and LED lighting, as well as energy recovery systems (details)
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certifications for all new construction and major renovations (details)