Energy Billing System

The Energy Billing System (EBS) is a web-based software application that offers utility cost and consumption by month, building, and meter. It allows users to view current and historic information, compare buildings, and see trends over time. It requires Blue-Stem authorization and users must request access from F&S.

The Energy Billing System:

  • Provides a web-browser interface to utility information in the EBS database. Information is displayed in tables and graphs for ease of use.
  • Compares energy usage over time via trending meter-level building usage and cost data.
  • Downloads requested information into an Excel spreadsheet or Adobe PDF document.
  • Provides billing information to department units. (Individual state-supported departments are not billed for their energy, but the information is specific enough to do so and provides timely, accurate information regarding the cost to operate the facility. The system also allows users to aggregate the utility bill information by department or college).