Field Inspection Photos

As necessary or when notified, Environmental Compliance performs field inspections at various outdoor campus locations. These inspections are intended to discover open dumping and improper material/waste storage. Environmental Compliance will contact the appropriate campus unit to coordinate site clean up including disposal recommendations. This collaborative effort mitigates potential violations. Please refer to the Material Storage & Disposal Guide for additional information.

                    Before                  After                   Before                  After
Aboretum - Before Photo
Aboretum - After photo
Illinois Forest Plantation - Before Photo
Illinois Forest Plantation - After Photo
Illinois Forest Plantation
Art & Design Annex - Before Photo
Art & Design Annex - After Photo
Geological Survey - Before Photo
Geological Survey Lab - After Photo
Art & Design Annex
Geological Survey Lab
Dairy Barn - Before Photo
Dairy Barn - After Photo
PPSB - Before Photo
PPSB - After Photo
Dairy Barn
Physical Plant Service Building
Illinois Sailing Club - Before Photo
Illinois Sailing Club - After Photo
Illinois Sailing Club