The Capital Project Planning department helps campus units develop solutions for their facility needs that are well-designed (both from the user and building systems perspectives), meet all programmatic objectives, comply with regulations and facility standards, and which fit within the University’s master planning process, are well-designed, both for a user as well as a building system perspective, and meet all programmatic objectives. The Capital Project Planning department manages feasibility studies, project programming, procurement of all professional design service consultants for large projects, and the site selection process established for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and procurement of all professional service consultants for design. In addition, the department is responsible for landscape planning, historic preservation, design oversight and the assessment of space use and needs for both on-campus and leasing opportunities.

Each new construction or remodeling project begins with an idea or concept, proposed directly by the requesting unit. All projects for the construction of new facilities, additions, renovations and/or capital improvements expected to cost $250,000 or more, must receive appropriate campus approval prior to proceeding with project development or execution.

The Urbana Campus Approval Process has been developed to gather the required information and authorizations to properly commit campus planning resources and provide appropriate coordination between potentially competing priorities. The approval process requires the requesting unit take the first step by preparing an initial proposal for their project.

Click here for more information on the capital project delivery process. For additional information, you may visit or contact the University Office for Capital Programs & Real Estates Services.