The University of Illinois is fortunate to have an exceptional public transit network available for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


    The university contracts with the MTD to provide bus service throughout campus. Because of this agreement, the university i-card serves as a full-access MTD bus pass for any route served by the bus service. MTD schedules, maps, and transit district information are available online at Learn more about riding on MTD buses on MTD’s Riding Tips. All MTD buses are ADA accessible and equipped with a lift and a bike rack (can accommodate two bicycles at a time).

    Track Your Ride

    MTD's STOPwatch technology tracks the exact location of each bus and projects the departure time for any given stop location in real time. Every intersection and major destination in the community has a unique identifying number, so riders can use text messaging, the internet, or the stationary displays throughout campus to know when to catch the bus.

    There are several web and mobile applications to plan your trips or track your ride. Read more about these apps here. Following are the recommended apps for Web, Android, and iOS users:

    Web:, UIUC Bus
    Android: Token Transit, Transit: Real-time Transit App, CU Transit: Bus and Navigation
    iOS: Token Transit, Transit for CUMTD, My Bus Helper: MTD

    Plan your trips using the aforementioned apps or go to MTD's Trip Planner.


    The purpose of 335 SafeRides Connect is to provide safe transportation to individuals who are generally traveling alone and when no other means of safe transportation are available within the designated 335 SafeRides Connect boundaries. SafeRides are available from dusk (7 p.m./5 p.m.) until 6 a.m. There is a maximum limit of three persons per pick-up location. SafeRides does not duplicate fixed-route service already provided by MTD. SafeRides does not provide emergency transportation services to medical facilities. SafeRides does not provide service to and from bars.

    Download the SafeRides Connect App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and register yourself. Open the App, enter your origin, destination, number of people, and tap “Create Journey.” The App will determine if a fixed-route trip is appropriate and will provide an itinerary. If no fixed route is appropriate, a 335 SafeRide Connect trip will be offered. Tap “Book Trip” to accept the ride. Then monitor the App for updated trip information.

    You can also call 217.265.7433. Provide the dispatcher with the following information: your name (first and last), phone number, email address, pick-up location (street address/landmark), and destination. If your trip is within the 335 SafeRides Connect boundaries, the dispatcher will enter the trip into the system and will give you the details of the trip.

    Expect waiting times of 15 minutes during the week, and up to 30 minutes on the weekend when demand is higher. Upon arriving at a pick-up location, the 335 SafeRides Connect operator will only wait two minutes for passengers to board before continuing to the next scheduled pick-up/drop-off location. Requests for 335 SafeRides Connect will be taken until 6 a.m. for trips to be completed by 6:30 a.m. Learn more about SafeRides here.


    SafeWalks is a courtesy service provided by the University of Illinois Public Safety department to University of Illinois students, faculty, and staff. To request a SafeWalks escort, call 217-333-1216. You can also use an emergency phone to contact a dispatcher.

    Please give at least 15 minutes notice.

    Hours of Operation

    9 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., Sunday through Wednesday (calls taken until 2:15 a.m.)
    9 p.m. to 3 a.m., Thursday, Friday or Saturday (calls taken until 2:45 a.m.)

    SafeWalks is a free service provided by Student Patrol. Visit our employment page for more information on how to join Student Patrol. Read more about SafeWalks and SafeRides here.

    Campus Routes

    Bus routes such as Green, Gold, Yellow, and Teal, create a box pattern and connect the four corners of campus with the Champaign and Urbana downtown areas. These are high-frequency routes with 10-minute service. There are several other bus routes that connect our campus to the communities. The Illini and Silver routes are dedicated to serving the campus and have bus service every 10-minute during the academic year. Learn more about MTD routes and bus services here.

    Traveling with Bikes

    MTD buses are equipped with bike racks that hold two bicycles at a time. There is no extra charge for using the bike racks, but if the racks are full, you may need to wait for the next bus. Properly folded folding bikes may be brought on board if they do not block the aisle or doors. MTD’s Riding Tips offers more information about traveling with a bike.

    CUMTD Bus Lunch and Learn Program

    TRY MTD_Website

    Want to teach your group more about taking the local buses? Think employees or students will benefit from knowing more about transit? F&S and CU-MTD have teamed up to provide a free one hour session explaining the bus service on campus, the benefits to using buses, and answering and questions about transit in the area.


    Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES) provides disability-related supports and services for students with disabilities at the University of Illinois, including assistance with academics, living accommodations, athletics, campus life, health and wellness, and paratransit. DRES' Office of Accessibility and Transportation Services offers regular route rides, night rides, call-in service, and rides for special events within the University Campus District. In addition, DRES provides rides to Willard Airport, the Illinois Terminal, and various off-campus locations. All buses are lift-equipped. DRES' Getting Around page provides more information.

    MTD also has a ADA paratransit transportation system. Click here for additional information.

    Intercity Travel

    Illinois Terminal at 45 E. University Avenue in Champaign provides a central transfer point for the local MTD bus service, intercity buses, and Amtrak train service.

    Greyhound, Burlington Trailways, Peoria Charter, and Bestway Charter Transportation are some of the charter companies that provide transportation to other cities from the Illinois Terminal and/or campus location(s).

    Amtrak provides train service at the Illinois Terminal station for the daily Chicago-Carbondale Illini and Saluki trains, and the Chicago-New Orleans City of New Orleans, also operating daily.

    Amtrak operates passenger rail service throughout most of the United States, serving cities and towns in 45 states. Customers should visit the Illinois Terminal Station in Champaign, call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or see an authorized Amtrak travel agent, for details on any Amtrak service. Ticketing, schedules, and service information are also available at the Amtrak site.

    University of Illinois Willard Airport offers daily flights to three destinations: Chicago, Detroit, and Dallas/Ft. Worth, including regional jet service to Chicago O'Hare Airport.

    Transit Safety

    • Wait for the bus well back from the road.
    • Do not step into the roadway until the bus has stopped and the door has opened.
    • Use the handrail when boarding and exiting.
    • Cross at least 10 feet in front of a bus so other drivers can see you.
    • Special areas are designated for elderly customers and those with disabilities. Please surrender these seats when needed.
    • Never stick your arms or legs in the doors to prevent them from closing.
    • Never put your head, arms or hands out of the window.
    • Keep aisles clear of feet, books, bags, etc.
    • Allow other passengers to exit before you board.
    • Never leave any personal belongings unattended. Carry your valuables inside your garment. Securely clasp your purse or bag.